Costume students gain work experience on Kynren

By September 5, 2017Courses, Latest news

Kynren – the epic tale of England

As Kynren’s ‘epic tale of England’ draws to a close this month, costume students  have developed their sewing skills and costume creation as part of work experience for the live action show.

In a dream assignment, students from all year groups of the Costume Interpretation with Design (CIWD) degree viewed the magnificent set in Bishop Auckland as part of a research trip. This was followed by a visit to the college from senior staff in the Kynren costume department to set the task of creating complete garments for the show.

Nikki Lund working on the bodice for Kynren

Using only patterns provided by the Kynren team, the team of students were able to assemble doublets and breeches, the traditional version of jackets and trousers worn by the musketeers, and lace bodices for the female characters.

Garments created by Joanna Rowling for the show

19-year-old Joanna Rowling from Keighley in West Yorkshire, currently living in Hartlepool, is a second year student who took part in the work experience. She said: “The first day we were given bundles of garment pieces ready to assemble with a finished outcome to work out how to construct. I loved the experience and I’m really pleased to be able to put this work placement on my CV.

“I haven’t seen the show yet but after the research trip we took to find out more about it I definitely want to at some point in the future, the set looked amazing.”

During the summer Joanna has gaining further work experience with York Castle Museum, making 1800’s garments for their Victorian street, as well as working on York’s Gobbledigook Theatre production of Robin Hood at Bolton Abbey.

A bodice made by Joanna

She added: “I am really enjoying the CCAD’s costume course, as we have so much freedom with the items that we make and I feel that in my first year I have learned so much already.”

Final year student Hannah Leighton, 21 from Melton Mowbray thoroughly enjoyed her time working with the Kynren team.

Sally Donegan, Hannah Leighton and Debra Willison

Hannah, who is also living in Hartlepool during her studies, said: “On the first day we were shown some finished garments and then given pre-cut pieces for us to make ourselves. We then spent time analysing the finished piece to see how it was sewn together and transferring that onto our garment.

“The highlight of the work experience for me was the costume team coming over from Kynren to CCAD to see how we were getting on.  It was great to meet their team and learn where they got their materials, they were really friendly and willing to help. I also learned a few tips on how to sew the bodices together for a neat finish that I can use for my other projects.”

Jane Havakin, Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Costume Interpretation with Design at CCAD, said: “It was a great experience for our students to work with such a prestigious event as Kynren. Our students gained so much from the experience as well as some great contacts for their future careers, and as some of the Kynren staff were former costume students at CCAD, it was very inspirational for our current students to see them in their roles.”

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