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We work and study here and some of us live here, but do we really know much about the seaside town we spend so much time in? We wanted to give you a bit of background information on Hartlepool and what you can expect here!

So Hartlepool lies on the coast of the North Sea and is right next to the village of Seaton Carew (great fish and chips!) Going back centuries, Hartlepool was founded in the 7th century around the monastery of Hartlepool Abbey and over the years the famous harbour served as the official port of County Durham. In the Victorian era, the town was made into a coal port and shipped out minerals from Durham coalfield. In December 1831 Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history, visited the town in December 1831 and wrote, “A curiously isolated old fishing town – a remarkably fine race of men. Went to the top of the church tower for a view.” That tower being the tower opposite our campus on Church Square! In the First World War, Hartlepool became heavily industrialised with shipyards and ironworks which make it a key target for Germany in the First World War. On the morning of 16th December 1914, one of the first German offensives against Britain was a bomb raid on Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby.

In the great town of Hartlepool, our college open its doors on Church Square in 1938 and we have since boasted an incredible list of alumni students from Sir Ridley Scott to Mackenzie Thorpe since then. In September our new building will be buzzing with the first bundle of students and will carry on welcoming new students through the doors for many years. Today Hartlepool is well respected by surrounding towns and villages with a main shopping centre and various retail parks with restaurants and a cinema. Go down to the headland for the Heugh Battery Museum to see some tanks or check out the incredible architecture of the old church.

Our Digital Marketing Officer and in-house photographer, Russ told me, “the north east coast line from Hartlepool Headland is my go to location when I’m looking for a great landscape shot. It’s so varied, every single day is different, with the changing weather and sea movements.” So much history, beautiful views and houses CCAD, the only art school in the North East, it’s fair to say we are lucky to work and live in this great town.

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