Wearable Tech With Michael Kors

In a time where droids are a thing (WHAT) and we’re looking at permanent holidays to mars, there’s no stopping the fashion industry from evolving just as fast. We’ve seen wearable technology before in the Apple Watch but never has it been actually wearable and fashion forward from day to day; until now.

Michael Kors is dabbling in tech and has now brought us just that. It’s fair to say, 80% of the female population has an MK watch and they’ve now got that upgrade that will be on your Christmas list.

The beauty of this product is that the tech functions are so clever and extremely useful; the face is ‘customisable’, meaning that you can swipe (yep like an actual smart phone) across and find the face that matches your outfit. CRAZY and we really really want it. As well as choosing the face you want, you can also personalise the touchscreen to match your mood, receive updates from your social circle, track your fitness goals and more.


By Abby Dennison

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