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gary perarson

There is another angel in the sky and this one designed his own wings and printed them on a cushion with the fanciest tassels you’ve ever seen.

The entire CCAD Hartlepool community is devastated at the passing of Contemporary Textile Product student and Students’ Union President, Gary Pearson.

Gary encapsulated everything that CCAD is about. He was the heartbeat of the place during his two and a half years with us. The impact of his loss as a student, SU President, colleague and a friend to all is immeasurable. To honour Gary, we felt that it was only fitting for his friends at CCAD to pay tribute to him:

Ian Henderson-Moyle-  Gary was an amazing guy, no matter how you felt that day, he always made you smile. Such a funny, talented, kind and brilliant man that would do anything for you. Will miss you Gary.

Michael Egan – An absolutely terrible loss. Gary was a tremendous gentleman who gave so much to so many people. His infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm inspired those around him. An exceptional person, taken from us too soon. RIP President.

Suzanne Treacy –  Broken hearted today…..What a beautiful soul. So smiley, so warm and so utterly gorgeous in every way. Life won’t be the same without him. RIP Gorgeous man. X

Steven Samuel Vanderstock – Everyone has lost someone special today, so sorry to everyone who knew him, he was an amazing person to be around and he would always help whenever he could, I’m sure he will be missed by everybody who met him 

Abbi Meredith –  such a brilliant, kind, caring man. heartbroken to say the least. He will be missed x

Daniel Tierney – Gary was the heart and soul of CCAD, his immense vibrancy for life was still somehow outweighed by his kindness to everyone that he met. Genuinely one of a kind!

Alan Teather – When i was looking around uni in 2016 before joining i was introduced to Gary as the only man on CTP which i was going to be the following year.
He was doing the cushion module in his first year and it was a print of the Buddha which struck a chord with me as a Buddhist. He answered all my questions, went through his sketchbook and asked if i was familiar with Designers Guild. Of course said I trying to write down the name for research later as he said I’ve just paid £48 for 1/2 a meter of tassels for the cushion. That was my first introduction to Gary and from then on he was on hand to advise, cajole, care and a whole host of other stuff for fellow students. One thing that will never be forgotten is his love of and for CCAD in its entirety. He didnt want to leave and now i guess he never will. Rest in peace Gary, the friendliest gay on the campus.

Katt Mudd – I am utterly heartbroken. Gary was one of the most positive and outgoing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He didn’t have one bad bone in his body. Creative through and through and I cannot believe this news at all. From his dirty jokes to his amazing and unique art work, Gary will be missed by every single person he ever met. He was and is an amazing soul and I will miss him a hell of a lot.

gary pearson ccad student union president

Amy Thompson – Gary was the most accepting and bubbly person I have ever met. I never saw him frown and he was always more than ready to help with what ever we needed. He brightened up any situation and was always the person I looked too when I needed support his loss will definitely be felt and I can’t believe this is true I have never met such a positive happy person he didn’t care what anyone thought of him and let nearly everything role straight of his back I have so many happy memories of laughing until our face hurts with Gary sleep tight bear man.

Lisa Jayne Huitson – Gary was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met..I can’t even speak or begin to know how to feel, all I know is that It was a true pleasure to of known you, nothing will ever be the same ever again…only last week u were giving me advice on my dissertation over a drink…these are memories I will never forget, I will make sure I do it just for you now. Your love for life and art will shine on through our memories. You will be deeply missed by so many… But I know you will be the brightest star in the sky, just like you were in all of our lives you touched many hearts 💔💔 you have left us all heartbroken xxxxx

Amanda Lay – 😥😥 I’m going to miss you so much. Always so friendly and helpful, felt like we had been friends forever. My thoughts and prayers are with all of your family and friends x

Mel Smith – I never even met or spoke to Gary while I was at CCAD but every time I saw him around campus I could literally feel his positive energy radiating off him from across the room. That is a truly amazing thing to be able to do! He brightened my day without ever knowing it. The world will definitely be a little bit darker without him here. Thoughts are with his friends and family at this difficult time xx

Rick Snowdon – In the short time Ive been at CCAD I thankfully had the chance to chat with Gary on a few occasions. After chatting, id walk away with my spirits that much higher. A rare and special quality to possess and it will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP mate.

Jess Breckill – Just like how everyone is saying I never saw Gary without a smile on his face. His presence lit up the room and he made everyone around him laugh and smile. I remember seeing him last year putting up the Christmas tree by himself, (someone please correct me if I’m wrong but) I think the tree wouldn’t have gone up otherwise due to staff being too busy? So he offered to put it up. Every time I saw him he was doing something or helping someone. He was such a warming, friendly and huge character that will be missed.

Liam Bradley – Gary was a top student, a fantastic colleague and a great friend. The College is truly devastated to have lost someone so special. He was the most caring and loyal guy with an infectious personality. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with him. I’ll never forget the memories we made with Katt Mudd in Manchester and London. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts in helping with recruitment. Thank you Gary for your warmth and generosity. You’ll never know how much of a positive impact you made on us. I will miss you. Liam.

Gary Pearson

Lauren Soulsby – Nicest person I have ever met! If I had a problem, or I was upset he always knew how to cheer me up, always smiling, if I needed help with anything he was there, he will always remain in my memory and will miss him massively💛

Eyv Hardwick – One of life’s greats : truly passionate about design, life and the fulfilment of other people’s creativity. I had the pleasure of teaching Gary and within sessions he was always biting for more knowledge – I will miss him dearly.

Donna Cooper – Gary was a top guy! Nothing was ever too much trouble – such a selfless soul. Always smiling, joking & his presence cheered up any room he walked into. His artistic qualities, his passion & enthusiasm for CCAD was always evident. I’m truly devastated. Sending all my love to his family & hugs to all friends & staff at CCAD. RIP Petal xxxxx

Adele Catchpole – Gary will always be one of the kindest souls I, and so many others have met. What a truly genuine, wonderful person with such an inspiring passion for art & design, a fabulous sense of style (i was always on the lookout for a wacky vintage paisley or floral shirt for him) and just the warmest most loveliest man who has touched so many lives in beautiful ways. The universe has gained an extraordinarily bright star 🌟

Alexandra Davison – I’m in shock. I hadn’t even had the chance to talk to him really but whenever I saw him he always seemed so bubbly and friendly. It’s a terrible loss, not sure if things will feel the same from now on.. RIP bonny lad 

Micky Basterd – Horrible news, one of the nicest people I’ve met. Gutted that CCAD won’t get to see his degree show piece!

Sharon Kennedy – Gary was without doubt one of the nicest, kindest most considerate people I have ever had the fortune to meet.Although I hadn’t known him long it seemed like we had been friends forever. That was how Gary made you feel always a smile and a joke for everyone he came in to contact with He was an outstanding ambassador for the student union as well as the College and my thoughts are with his loved ones and everyone whose lives Gary touched he will be deeply missed 

Lauren Bailey – Gary was such a sweetheart. We only spoke a few times while working together as ambassadors but after that he always had a smile and a hello if I passed him in the corridor, and it seemed he was that way with everyone, whether they knew him well or just as an acquaintance. He was so genuinely kind, in a way that is exceptionally rare. I’m going to miss seeing him around.

Verity Green – I am really struggling to string something together- out of shock and grief. He was just an amazing man. Exceptionally kind, funny and warm hearted. I am going to miss him like hell. I have so many warm and funny memories of him and I’m utterly heart broken. I’m so proud and honoured to say he was my friend x

Bettie Hope – I first met Gary when he was in first year, im pretty certain our first conversation was about gimp masks, and thus our magical friendship was born. Throughout his time at CCAD he never failed to excite and inspire me. When I’d heard of the news I kept recalling how Gary made me feel. I would wake up excited to see his warming smile and to give him a little peck on the cheek and a cuddle. I was so proud when he relieved me of my SU President Duties, and he blew me out of the water. The Best SU President CCAD will ever have!! Constantly giving absolutely everything 110%. Gary was and is the biggest inspiration to all of my artwork from that last two years of my degree and current artwork post grad. For that I am extremely grateful that we shared so many interests and laughs whilst we were both quite obviously obsessed with drawing genitals. Gary helped me set up my degree show in the ‘sex cupboard’ which would have also been the cupboard for Gary’s naughty drawings. We had such a blast putting my work up having a little ‘gay disco’ in the cupboard, it was absolutely fabulous. Another favourite memory I have with Gary is when he dragged up. Id brought in a pair of my heels for him to wear and done his makeup, he looked AMAZINGGG, then he turnt it out on the dance floor and gave everyone a run for their money!! I am so grateful for all of the fantastic memories I got to share with this beautiful soul, and I will cherish them forever! Gary added so much sparkle into my life and it is with such a heavy heart I am writing this, but I could probably write a Library’s worth of books describing all of the ways he was amazing because that’s just who he is. I know how much Gary was loved by everyone who had ever been in his presence and everyone will have their own unique, beautiful memories they shared. I will forever crave to see his degree show artwork and more; I know it will have been as show stopping as him.

Elizabeth Skipp Shore – Gary was simply one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. He was one of my people and we have all lost a piece of our hearts 💔

Leah Wilkinson – R.i.p to such a lovely man a creative genius and a genuinely nice person although I had only known you for a year and a half you certainly made me feel more confident with my work never a bad word to say about anyone You will be deeply missed by many thoughts to your family shine bright Gary 🌈⭐️

Jo Stenberg – He was absolutely the rudest person I know. Pure filth. And he could always get the stuck lids off jars. How will I do that now!? Seriously though, the place won’t be the same without him. I was so looking forward to helping him with his degree show. I was already starting to plan how on earth we could display it! Yes Bettie Hope’s sex cupboard was in the running! Gary will be sorely missed. A truly sad day, we’ve lost a good one.

Simone Jasmin Babur-Puplett – Gary was always the first person to help and the last to leave. He motivated and inspired anyone who he spoke too and was such a positive influence in the Uni. He was such a lovely man with the biggest heart and the loudest laugh. He will be missed so much xxx

Svea Hartle – Gary only once and very briefly talked to me, but I am nonetheless grateful for the memory. It was one of my very first days at CCAD, everything was still brand new and exciting. And I felt so homesick, so terribly out of place that I just wanted to climb into the next plane and fly back home. In comes then this impressive, radiant man with his broad and cheerful smile and the whole atmosphere in the room shifted. I remember how he looked around, spotted that awkward, homesick bundle in the crowd and approached it. He welcomed me and said that if I ever needed anything, he would be there and glad to help, giving me a glance that said ”I see you. You matter. And you belong.”  Looking back, I wish I still had the chance of getting to know him better, for he truly was a kind, selfless and inspiring man, no doubt about that. It only needs one encounter with Gary Pearson to know that his legacy will not be forgotten.

Annie Game – He was such a dream ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hearts breaking big g what an inspiration xxxxx

Lesley-Anne Pace –

We were a small part of Gary’s life even though he was such a big part of ours. To show our love and respect for him, and help to celebrate his life we are raising funds to give him an amazing send off. We have created a Just Giving page: if you would like to donate you can do so by clicking on our students’ union just giving page

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