Top 6 Picks of Film and TV Shot in the North East!

With our new Film and TV Soundstage ready to open in the coming months, we wanted to round up some of our favourite Films and TV shows that were shot around our home of the North East. Having been home to some huge films, directors, film crew, writers, producers and actors over the years, we wanted to give all the budding filmmakers and photographers some ideas of incredible locations famously used by massive productions; why not take a leaf out of their book and check out spots in the North East to film/ photograph your next masterpiece.


  • Hospital People, 2017 – Hartlepool

Recently some of our Costume and Film students were part of filming a BBC ‘mockumentary’ called Hospital People, starring Russell Brand, Sally Phillips, James Fleet and Tom Binns. The sixth-episode programme, will be on BBC1 later this year!

  • I, Daniel Blake, 2016 – Newcastle

Director shot his latest film, I, Daniel Blake around various locations of the city of Newcastle, such as the Newcastle Library, residential flats, the Jobcentre and also the Sawmill.

  • BFG, 2016 – Bamburgh Castle

Filming for The BFG directed by Stephen Spielberg, written by Roald Dahl took place on the beach in the shadows of Northumberland’s Bamburgh Castle. Apparently the giant footprints seen in the 2016 hit film, were created in the sand to represent those of the BFG.

  • Macbeth, 2015 – Bamburgh Castle

It’s no surprise that Bamburgh Castle is a favourite of filmmakers! Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, was filmed throughout 2014/2015 and Bamburgh Castle provided the backdrop to scenes for Macbeth’s home. The 2-day filming brought the oscar winning actors and a crew of almost 200!


  • Get Carter, 1971 – Newcastle

This Michael Caine thriller was famously filmed around the streets of newcastle, creating lots of, now, famous tourist spots! Buildings such as Newcastle Train Station, O’Neils on Neville St and Newcastle Racecourse, amongst many more!


  • Atonement, 2006 – Redcar

Ian McEwan’s bestselling novel “Atonement” was brought to screen in 2006, starring James McAvoy and Kiera Knightley and Redcar was transformed into Dunkirk where many local men were extras!




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