Staff Spotlight: Jade Sweeting

At CCAD we are nationally known for our experienced educators and real industry practitioners. Carrying on our Staff Spotlight series, we wanted to highlight the calibre of the course technician demonstrators who are always on hand to assist the students day to day. This week we are introducing our Illustration Technician Demonstrator.

After studying Fine Art at Degree Level, specialising in Printmaking, at Northumbria University Jade was selected to be a Graduate Fellow in Printmaking with a focus on Screen Print and after University she established her own screen print studio, working from an old, disused tobacco shop in Newcastle and adopted the name Pulled Print Club. Jade’s print studio operated with a DIY ethos due to a lack of funding but she had a passion to print and offered screen print services such as printed merchandise and paper prints, as well as holding workshops.

The highlight of Jade’s career was co-curating the “On Our Backs: An Archive” exhibition in Newcastle’s NewBridge Project Space which featured work from American photographer Phyllis Christopher. She told me, “On Our Backs was the first feminist erotic lesbian magazine, operating out of San Francisco, and ran from 1984 to 2006. The exhibition was, and still is, the first to celebrate the magazine in an exhibition format. On Our Backs is an important part of Queer history and we firmly believed it was vital that there was wider accessibility to this magazine and the pioneers of lesbian photography who worked with it”. Coming up soon, Jade is co curating as well as featuring in, “Lesbian Visibility” which is part of a 3 day event including art, music and film at the new Star and Shadow in Newcastle.


Jade’s Helpful Hints for Students:

Always Be Around.
Come or go to everything.
Read everything you can get your hands on.
Look at movies carefully and often.
SAVE EVERYTHING. It may come in handy later.

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