Ridley and Tony Scott ‘Boy and Bicycle’ Statue Unveiled

By June 22, 2018Latest news

Much to our pleasure, a new life-size sculpture in recognition of our alumni Ridley and Tony Scott was officially unveiled today at 1pm, just a stone’s throw from our Hartlepool campus. The statue called, ‘Boy and Bicycle’ is situated beside the railway station and originates from a still from Ridley Scott’s first short film, A Boy (1962). The film was shot in black and white on location in Hartlepool, starring his brother Tony Scott, where in the captured still, he cycles along Church Street. Tony passed away in 2012 and the sculpture is dedicated to his memory. The new landmark was created by specialist metalworker and sculptor Bob Hollywood and he has used weathering steel material to reflect the industrial heritage of the Hartlepool.

Speaking to the Hartlepool Mail, Bob Hollywood stated, “I was thrilled to be approached by this forward-thinking council to produce a sculpture representing two artists in a field which I truly admire and whose work has brought great honour to the town where they studied. The project allowed me to research the work of Sir Ridley and Tony and the relationship between them. “It reminded me very much of the relationship I have with my own brother and allowed me to bring a very personal touch to the piece. Working with the Council has been a great experience as it came with some very clear and creative ideas which formed the foundation of the sculpture. It has been a pleasure to work with such a creative and open-minded team.”

The statue was unveiled earlier this afternoon by Councillor Kevin Cranney, Chair of the Council’s Regeneration Services Committee and the Leader of the Council Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher and was commissioned by Hartlepool Council.

The town of Hartlepool as well as all of us at CCAD are thrilled with the statue of a world renowned pair who started their careers here!

You can watch Tony Scott in Ridley’s 1962 film below >

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