Painted Rocks keep children entertained in the holidays

By August 14, 2017Latest news, SU
painted rock

There is a craze sweeping the country from the USA and this time it is one that involves positivity and being creative!

People are joining rock painting groups and their mission is to make someone’s day in the form of a hand-painted rock given a friendly face or an inspirational message. They then have to anonymously leave the painted stone in a public place (parks and beaches seem to be popular) for someone else to find.

We were first alerted to the fact that the biggest game of Finders Keepers has made it to the North East thanks to Sprog on the Tyne profiling that the craze has made it to Tyneside .

A fantastic and cheap way to entertain children during the school holidays, we’re sure you’ll agree? There are various groups local to CCAD that we found including:

Hartlepool Rocks 

Darlington Rocks

The general gist seems to be:

  1. buy or collect rocks
  2. decorate them
  3. hide them for others to find
  4. brighten their day a little.
  5. on the back of the stone you put the name of the Facebook group so that the person who finds it can see what it is all about.

Please ensure you obtain your rock the correct way and do not decorate anything which is not your own property.

Here are some examples, internationally, that we found on instagram:

I found this #paintedrocks and it couldn’t be more perfect. #allyouneedislove #mhafbrocks

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