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By December 19, 2017Latest news

We are exceptionally pleased to welcome some new faces to CCAD to  strengthen our course offer in the areas of stage and screen. One such new course offer is a Foundation Degree in Sound Design for Stage and Screen, for which we are very excited to welcome Dr Nick Williams to the family!

We interviewed Nick as soon as he joined us to find out more about his experience and this exciting new course!

Before you joined CCAD what were you doing?
In 2001 I graduated from University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Music and Creative Arts with Performance Technology. Subsequently, I started an interdisciplinary performance company and began creating multimedia installations, live performance, and experimental performance technologies. As a company we performed nationally and internationally. In 2013 I completed a PhD at Newcastle University in, broadly speaking, audio technology in interdisciplinary performance. See more here

What excites you about the new course that you will be working on?
I am excited about the breadth of the course and the myriad of opportunities that students will have to explore sonic possibilities in a variety of professional production environments. I am excited to share my knowledge of sound design, in the broadest sense, and to see which direction the students take their learning. Finally, I am excited about taking an approach to sound design that values creativity on par with technical knowledge as a core skill.

What skills will you bring to this?
I have comprehensive knowledge of audio technologies and techniques for stage and screen. I have experience across the breadth of performing arts, media and the sonic art working professionally as a sound practitioner including sound design for touring shows, large scale musicals, short films, installation and interactive installations. I am a creative practitioner who has built a successful sound design practice from scratch and know what it takes to achieve a sustainable career in sound.

What qualities are you looking for in a student?
Students on the Sound Design for Stage and Screen FdA should be hard working, enthusiastic and passionate about sound. They will be enthusiastic collaborators who take pride in their work and have an interest the many different ways in which they can explore and develop their sound practice.  Whilst technical aptitude and knowledge are important, we can work on those areas, I am more interested on your enthusiasm to learn, be taught, and explore sound design.

What industry/academic experience are you most proud of?
I am proud of completing my PhD as it was a huge challenge yet extremely rewarding. As a sound designer for theatre I have designed shows large and small and each show is as rewarding and challenging as the others.

Any industry contacts which you’ll be bringing with you to enhance the student experience?
I have connections with many theatres, technical crews, artists and practitioners both in the region, nationally and internationally. I hope to draw on these networks to enhance the student experience as much as possible.


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