Lecturer illustrates for World Animal Protection

Amy Dover for World Animal Protection

Illustration lecturer Amy Dover is an extremely well known in the illustration circles, having clients such as M&S, Urban Outfitters, Red Bull and exhibited internationally.

In her latest commission,  Amy has teamed up with World Animal Protection on their Animals not Entertainers campaign. This world-wide campaign has been developed to encourage Thomas Cook Travel Agents to stop the  sale and promotion of cruel elephant rides and shows. Over 140,000 supporters from 140 countries have signed up to support the charities call on one of the world’s leading travel agents to end elephant cruelty.

amy dovers illustration on wildlife not entertainers campaign

Amy depicts melancholic and ephemeral glimpses of another worlds in her work. Evoking the folk tales, mythology, and fables of her childhood, Amy weaves tales of loss, failure, greed, and deceit. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Los Angeles, London, Portland and Switzerland. Amy has also worked on commercial commissions in fashion, music, editorial, and advertising.

world animal protection campaigners with amy dovers designs

World Animal Protection have been around since the early 80s and were once known as WSPA  (World Society for the Protection of  Animals). They are an international community of passionate and engaged people who move the world to protect animals and put animals on the global agenda with a view to end animal suffering.

If you would like to sign the wildlife not entertainers campaign please do so here

Amy Dover is a lecturer on BA (Hons) Illustration for  Commercial Application. Her website can be found here

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