H&M’s New Advert is EXACTLY What We Want from Fashion Commercials

A few weeks ago during one of the many ad breaks, we were greeted with 1 minute 12 seconds of magic. To the beat of a new version of Tom Jones’ ‘She’s a Lady’ created and performed by the American soul duo Lion Babe, we saw curves, muscles, taut tums, afros, buzz cuts, different ethnicities, a trans actress, lesbians, freckles, body hair, piercings and that wasn’t all.


YES, we love this because doing you is A-OK and it’s about time that certain brands and corners of the fashion industry embraced that everyone isn’t the same. In fact, they should celebrate it just like the guys at H&M are doing right here. The whole theme of the ad is to feature a ‘lady’ doing day-to-day, normal things and celebrating the sort of female that is not often celebrated on screen; as we’ve been brought up surrounded by the ‘default’ straight, white, thin woman, with minimal body hair. Yawn.

Throughout the ad, we see actress and model Lauren Hutton, model and founder of Gurls Talk Adwoa Aboah, transgender model Hari Nef, models Heather Kemesky, Neelam Gill, Katy Syme and Iselin Steiro, Girl Boss Pum Lefebure, Model and Blogger Pernille Teisbaek, Professional Thai Boxer Fatima Pinto, Swedish artist Cajsa Wessberg, model and photographer Arvida Bystrom and singer Jillian Hervey.

The advert was to promote H&M’s new autumn collection for 2016.

check out the video below!

All images courtesy of H&M

By Abby Dennison

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