History of Magic exhibition at Middlesbrough Library: Live Brief

By December 1, 2017Latest news, SU

Middlesbrough Council teamed up with some of our students from Interactive Design to set a live brief for a new British Library exhibition, ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Rowling’s first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Middlesbrough Library is capturing the traditions of folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories. Delving deep into the collections of Middlesbrough Libraries, Dorman Museum and Teesside Archives to bring you a display of magical treasures and tales from your local area.

Some of our students were tasked with creating a series of illustrations of a local mythological creature, inspired by the works of J.K.Rowling and her world-renowned ‘Harry Potter’ series. The winners’ illustrations have been printed on pull-up banners and displayed around the exhibition. The CCAD winner’s are Alice McGarrity, Mia Redfern and Jamilia Botwe, with Callum Moffitt as runner up!

Winner: Alice McGarrity

Winner: Jamilia Botwe

Winner: Mia Redfern

Runner Up: Callum Moffitt

The exhibition will run until the 10th February so don’t miss this exciting opportunity to delve into the magical world and find out more about the folkloric tales of your local area.
Along side the exhibition at Middlesbrough Central Library, there is also an abundance of events and activities alongside:
Tuesday 5th December 7-8.30pm
Women, Witches and Witch-Trials: Anita Anand chairs a panel of expert historians as they discuss the history of witchcraft and gender roles within it.

Monday 22nd January 7-8.15pm
Defence Against The Dark Arts with Christopher Frayling: Cultural historian Christopher Frayling explores the history and myths surrounding vampires over the centuries and gives a lesson on the various methods of protecting ourselves.

Thursday 15th February 7-8.15pm
Divination with Marc Salem: Are mind-readers real? A look at how we deduce, or divine, meaning from non-verbal signs with Marc Salem, performer, mind reader and expert in non-verbal communication.

Find out more at https://libraries.middlesbrough.gov.uk/web/arena

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