CCAD Recommends: Great Events in 2018

By October 4, 2017Latest news, SU

As the busy weeks and months come and go, sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves. Visiting museums, exhibitions, photography presentations and installations can and has been proven to overhaul and reignite that creative spark in our brains. As we roll into the final months of 2017 we wanted to prepare you for an exciting and arty filled year ahead, calendars at the ready!

Streatlam Castle: Rediscover The Home of John and Joséphine Bowes

Bowes Museum
25 November 2017 – 11 March 2018

Have a delve into the history behind Bowes and the family of John and Josephine in this exhibition which is part of the museum’s 125th anniversary. This series exhibits how the original home of the Bowes family, Streatlam Castle, would have been before the explosion destroying all traces of the stately home in March 1959. Starting at the end of November, you have until mid-March to travel to this spectaluar museum for this exhibition!

The BFG in Pictures

Bowes Museum
14 July 2018 – 30 September 2018

The BFG in Pictures, which tours from the House of Illustration is an exhibition of original Quentin Blake illustrations, prepared for Roald Dahl’s classic story The BFG. The exhibition, curated by Quentin Blake, will contain 40 original artworks, including never-seen-before unpublished illustrations of The BFG. Their famous, creative partnership brought Dahl’s work to life and the books into the hands of avid readers all over the world. Blake’s signature drawing style is instantly recognisable and this insightful curation portrays his close relationship with Roald Dahl.
A hugely anticipated exhibition is to be a hotspot for many northerners as it’s a great opportunity to see these beautiful works of art. Get your tickets early and do not miss!

Paul Nash at the Laing Art Gallery

The Laing Art Gallery
9 Sep 2017 – 14 Jan 2018

This incredible exhibition showcases Paul Nash’s lifework from the early drawings, iconic war paintings to the passionate and evocative final landscapes that he produced during his final decade, featuring the sun and moon as symbol presences mixed with vibrant and emotive colour. The exhibition is organised by Tate Britain in association with the Laing Art Gallery and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Paul Nash is an iconic artist of the early 20th Century and to see his famous works of art featured in the North East is an opportunity not to be missed.

Comics: Explore and create comic art at Seven Stories

Seven Stories
21 July 2017 – 1 July 2018

This great exhibition is perfect for adults and children alike. Whether you read the Beano as a child or think Dennis the Menace is ace, Seven Stories has curated a mix of original comic art featuring Desperate Dan and Dennis the Menace as they were drawn and loved in the 1940s and 50; as well as Oor Wullie, Minnie the Minx and Roy of the Rovers. If you’re a fan of the superheroes, British artist and Marvel and DC comic artist, Ian Churchill is featuring his illustrations of the heroes we all know and love, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Hulk and Superman. Also check out some of the comic creators who will be there showcasing their storyboards, sketches and 3D models. Get yourself down there, it’s on until summer 2018 so there’s no excuses!


Discovery Museum, Newcastle
22 October 2016 – 01 April 2018

In 1939, MI6 recruits Cambridge alumnus Alan Turing to crack Nazi codes, including Enigma messages, which were thought to be unbreakable. Turing builds a machine to crack them and the Discovery Museum in Newcastle is showing a very rare Enigma machine, designed by Alan Turing. Find out how people from the North-East played a vital role in helping the codebreakers at Bletchley Park at this fantastic showcase, which is incredibly rare!

Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy at Tate Modern

Tate Modern, London
8 March 2018 to 9 September 2018

Picasso is without doubt the most influential artist of the early 20th century and The EY Exhibition Picasso 1932 Love, Fame, Tragedy has been named one of the most significant shows the gallery has ever staged. The exhibition takes punters through Picasso’s ‘year of wonders’ in the pivotal 1932. With more than 100 paintings and sculptures, the collection is said to ‘strip away common myths to reveal the man and the artist in his full complexity and richness’.

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