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From Cherry Tomato to Spiced Apple, the non-creative folk (or anyone for that matter) would assume we were referring to the ingredients of a delicious pie or soup. But no, these are some of the names of Pantones Colours of the Year 2018, along with the likes of Lime Punch and Rapture Rose. The guys at Pantone each year announce the forecasted shades for the next season and wrap it all up in an easy guide for the public which you can access here.

With colours pulled from hues dominating the catwalks and collections at Fashion Week, the colour trends are an essence of what’s big in fashion, but also what’s on the rise in culture, film, art and street-style, as this is what the designers gage inspiration from for their collections. It is known that the smallest print, texture or even a small point of interest can be expanded into a huge extravagant collection; Zimmerman’s The Maple’s Fall 2017 RTW Collection was grown from the name of a student house at the Women’s College at Sydney University following World War One, the house was called The Maples. Zimmerman cites fond memories of conversations with his grandmother about living in Sydney in the 20’s which sings through his collection.

Zimmerman ‘The Maples’ RTW Fall 2017

With heartfelt memoirs inspiring Zimmerman, at the other end of the scale, Creatures of Comfort’s Fall 2017 RTW Collection is reportedly inspired by ‘glamping’! Not very ‘fashion’ but it certainly shows inspiration is all around us.

Take note of the colours, these are potentially the shades of your new high-street handbag, kitchen tiles, or even your new car!

Cherry Tomato PANTONE 17-1563

‘Impulsive’ Cherry Tomato is a zesty bright red, radiating heat and warmth.

Palace Blue PANTONE 18-4043

Not to be confused with Royal Blue, this blue is a bright and positive hue.

Ash Rose PANTONE 17-1514

Earthy and grounded, this rose pink is a romantic and muted tone.

Nile Green PANTONE 14-0121

Nile green is the optimum of calm and fresh. Think fresh sheets, breezy spring mornings or minty toothpaste kisses.

Meadowlark PANTONE 13-0646

This confident and joyous yellow is the highlight of the spring colours, not as sunny as a buttercup yet just as bright.

Blooming Dahlia PANTONE 15-1520

A peachy yet subtle tone, warm and beckoning.

Ultra Violet PANTONE 18-3838

Rich, magical and complex. This colour is a rich purple shade.

Spiced Apple PANTONE 18-1325

Brown with red undertones and certainly a wholesome, oriental hue.

Pink Lavender PANTONE 14-3207

Soft and charming, the meaning of a baby pink.

Almost Mauve PANTONE 12-2103

The colour of a newly blossomed rose petal, gentle and delicate.

Rapture Rose PANTONE 17-1929

Flirtatious and attention seeking.

Lime Punch PANTONE 13-0550

A citrus Slushpuppy that zings the back of your taste buds. Bitter and pungent and a huge presence in Spring 2018.


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