How much does it cost?

Fees for all undergraduate programmes were set at £9250 per year for students starting in 2017 and will be the same for 2018.


Do I pay fees upfront?

You are not expected to pay for your fees upfront. A student loans company will pay your fees for you, which you only pay back after you graduate and start earning over £21000 a year. The amount you pay back is linked to the amount you earn.

What do I get for my money?

We offer a friendly and inspirational atmosphere, where your learning is maximised through modern and innovative resources. Our students receive excellent value for money for a number of reasons, which include:

  • Almost double the contact time compared to many other universities
  • Teaching is delivered by expert staff who have well-established links with industry
  • Students have more freedom using industry-standard facilities and equipment

Do I get any help with living costs?

Yes, students can apply for a Living Cost Loan and the amount you are given is dependent on your household income.

What other help is available?

As well as the standard loans and grants available from the Student Loan Company, CCAD offer excellent support packages to eligible students, details of which are available on our website.

Useful Links:

Money Saving Expert
Student Finance England
Student Loans Company

Summary of financial support for 2016/17 HE entrants

Cleveland College of Art & Design will also offer a range of bursaries to students during their studies:

  • Achievement Bursary – Students who have attained high grades will be entitled to receive a one off bursary of £500. (The College will use the Higher Education Funding Council for England ABB equivalency guidance to help identify high grades.)
  • Means Tested Bursary* – All students in receipt of the maximum student loan** will be eligible for a bursary of £500 pa for the duration of their programme. In the final year of study, this will increase to £750.
  • Progression Bursary – All students who progress immediately from the College’s own Further Education provision will be eligible for a one off bursary of £500. This is in order to incentivise local participation that remains below national averages at both levels 3 and 4.

Students will receive these bursaries in the form of a cash payment into a specified bank account. Students will be eligible for a maximum of £1000 cash in any academic year, divided equally between each term. The bursary payments will be paid at the end of each term.

The eligibility criteria are set with the proviso that student financial support will be available in 2016-17 in a comparable form to the current support scheme, and the total amount awarded in fee waivers and bursaries does not exceed 10% of the total projected Higher Education fee income for the academic year, allowing for withdrawals based on current retention rates.

*The bursary payment to students in receipt of the Means Tested Bursary is subject to attendance, with a minimum of 80% attendance required across all registered sessions; the final term bursary payment is subject to successful progression to the next level of study, or successful completion of studies.

**New full-time students will no longer qualify for a Maintenance Grant, but students with a household incomes of £25,000 or less qualify for the maximum loan of £ £8,200, this maximum loan figure will be used to determine eligibility for the Means Tested Bursary.