A Day in the Life of: Illustration for Commercial Application Student

For the next instalment of our series ‘A Day in the life of a CCAD student’ we have Illustration for Commercial Application Student, Lizzie Lovejoy taking you through her day at CCAD.

“If you have a love for creating images and want to make a living from it I fully recommend this course built around both creating images, but applying them to the commercial world.”


Howdy, my name is Lizzie Lovejoy and I am a level 4 (first year) BA Hons Illustration for Commercial Application student. I haven’t been at CCAD for very long, but it has been an exciting and challenging year with much less time spent in the classroom than I had expected.

(My personal desk at CCAD)

We have recently completed our first studio module, a set of projects devised to get us used to the challenges of both academic illustration and more importantly the creative world we plan to enter after graduating. We took trips out to Preston Hall, Flamingo Land and walked around Hartlepool marina for reportage activities, learning how to document the busy everyday and the movement of animals who don’t seem to care much for staying still to be our models.

(Ducks not being models for me and Daisy)

Making use of what we found in the outside world, we turned our attentions inside, to the interior design of the corridors around illustration, working collaboratively with each other to design and create a wall installation of the future we imagine. This was a perfect time to get to know everyone properly and explore our individual styles.

(Completed installation from my team of Chris, Ciara, myself Hannah and Hannah)

The tutors are always present at CCAD, if they’re not in the classroom, they’re in the one next door and are always willing to answer any questions and constructively critique our work. They’ve helped me a lot when we were creating poster designs digitally with workshops in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

The building Illustration is in has a print studio where we can book out sessions to work in. The printing technician Jade, has given us work shops with the equipment and it has rekindled a love of lino printing in me.

The new studio module is on Narrative Illustration, drawing the cover and internal illustrations of a book from the list we have been given. The book I have chosen is “Gone Girl” and this is lead into investigations of publishers and illustrators of books intended for adults, looking at how our own art can be applied in the working world. This book and project is very interesting, designing characters by attempting to depict their personalities and their book descriptions.

(My initial designs and experiments for the Narrative project)

A big part of this course is in our written modules, as they assist in our practical studio work as well. Visual culture allows us to explore into art movements, artists work and arts history in order to enhance our own work. Professional studies allows us the chance to place our work completely into perspective with the creative industry, consider many different types of work which will be available to us and gain a stronger understanding of other creatives experiences with guest speakers visiting to give advice. These modules allow context. Many of the class are dyslexic, myself included, but the facilities as CCAD with the text to read help on the computers, proof readers and sessions with specialist Tutor Marie, make the written tasks significantly more manageable.

(The Level 4 Illustration Studio)

I spend my days all over the place, sometimes I’m outside drawing in an obscure place, sometimes I’m inside editing designs and critiquing ideas with my new found friends. Either way, I’m always doing something!

(My friends dressing up and dancing at Halloween)

The Illustrative world is diverse, there are so many different mediums to use and chose from, and no ones styles are the same. We are only just starting to explore our own unique voices through print, pen, paint, pencil and many more.  This course is helping me in developing my own visual language and techniques, as well as my understanding of business and working in a creative world.

If you have a love for creating images and want to make a living from it I fully recommend this course built around both creating images, but applying them to the commercial world.

(A playing card I designed when considering branding and identity in professional studies)

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