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For the next instalment of our series ‘A Day in the life of a CCAD student’ we have Fashion student, Becky Foster, taking you through her day at CCAD.


Hi, my name is Becky Foster and I am a student and Cleveland College of Art and Design at Hartlepool. I am currently in my second year (Level 5) and I am studying Fashion BA (HONS). This is a really interesting subject and there are parts to it that are difficult, but if you are up for a challenge and have an interest in fashion, this is the course for you. I thought I would talk you through the modules we are working on now on this course.

Me hard at work in the sewing room

Within this course, you will all learn the same thing, and will have the same modules. You will all start with a module called ‘Material Culture’. This module is all about learning history, and how it has made an impact on fashion. This is a really interesting module, I enjoyed it a lot. For this, we have to do an essay, and edit a piece of clothing that links with your essay.

An edited photo from the shoot.

This is a picture from another one of the modules, this one is called ‘Professional Studies’. This is a module were we look more into the fashion industry, and look at all the different job roles that we could go into after we graduate. We have to research into job roles, and pick one to do for a report. It is really interesting looking at all the different roles. This picture above, is also part of a group task we had to do. We had to choose our groups, and we had to choose a theme. From the theme, we had to do a fashion shoot, working alongside the photography students. I enjoyed doing this so much. This was one of the final edited shots, and I thought it looked great.

My final garments for my project.

The other modules are usually really creative, and these ones I feel are the best and the hardest ones. At the current moment, I am working on a design and creating project with the outdoor clothing brand Berghaus. I enjoyed doing the creative module last year, the photo above shows my final piece for it. My theme was androgyny in the 1920’s. I enjoyed researching into this, as well as creating the garments themselves. Before I had done this project, I had never used a sewing machine before, and I was proud of what I created.

More about the course (BA (Hons) Fashion) here:

Keep updated with the course via the the Cleveland College of Art and Design fashion page on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ccad_fashion/

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