Creativity on a Rainy Day

By February 23, 2017Latest news

With Storm Doris bringing us all down with the blues, here at CCAD we believe a rainy and miserable day is perfect for creative enrichment. Below are a few things that you can do to lift those spirits and make the most of being confined to indoors!

Over at the People’s Theatre in Newcastle, The Young People’s Theatre group are in the final shows of presenting Lord Of The Flies with the last¬†performance on Saturday. Originally published in 1954 by author, William Golding, this excellent novel follows a group of youngsters who survive an air-crash and with the absence of adult supervision, the law of the jungle soon prevails! Definitely one to catch on a rainy day like today.

For some good old fashioned Hollywood glamour, the multi-award winning La La Land is a must watch in any film lover’s eyes.¬†Head down to your local cinema to catch one of the final viewings of this epic. Described as a “masterpiece” and “the best film of the year”, this aptly described ‘classic of the future’ is perfect rainy day material.

Remember that camera you bought a few years ago? Dust it off, charge it up and get snapping! Rain is one of the most beautiful, natural techniques used by many skilled photographers and a day like today is the perfect opportunity to snap a storm.

Share some more rainy day ideas with us below in the comments!


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