Costume Student Poppy Ridgeway works with The Royal Shakespeare Company

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Student Poppy Ridgeway studies Costume Interpretation with Design BA(Hons) and she recently completed a placement with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, a major British theatre company, based in Stratford-upon-Avon! The company is internationally renowned for its outstanding performances, costumes and sets. Poppy is now currently in the midst of her final year here with us at CCAD and we managed to catch up with her before the start of her Final Major Project which will be presented in our Summer 2018 Show.


So you recently got back from your placement, how was it?

I really enjoyed the placement, I was working in costume footwear, armoury and props, which was something I’d never done before. I also got chance to be a dresser backstage.

Did you get to see any of your costumes on stage or in action?

I was lucky to be there during tech week which meant I got to see my costumes on stage I also went to see it live streamed at the cinema and that meant I could see what I’d worked on.

When you finish here at CCAD is that what you would like to be doing?

When I graduate I’d love to work in theatre or T.V. I’ve done experience in both and I think it’s a brilliant environment to work in.

Did you get any feedback from RSC about your placement?

I’m still in touch with the people I worked with at the Royal Shakespeare Company it would be great if I could go back some time and get some more experience.

Have you been up to anything else since RSC?

Last week I was working on a horror/comedy feature film in Hexham called ‘Tales from the Lodge’, I got to be on set, learn about continuity and dressing actors.

What’s next for you on the course? Are you currently working on any live briefs?

We’ve just started our major project which will be featured in our summer degree show, I’m focussing on James and the Giant Peach but reinterpreting it for the stage.

Are you going to miss the college when you finish this year?

I’m really going to miss CCAD when I graduate, I’ve learned so much, all the tutors and staff are brilliant. I’ll definitely be coming back to visit.

Why did you choose to study a degree in Costume Interpretation with Design?

I chose costume because I’ve always been interested in theatre and fashion so it was a great way to mix the two.

What’s been your favourite module so far?

I really enjoyed millinery last year, making hats is something I’d never done before, we got to choose our own theme and do a hat walk show.

What would be your dream film/ theatre show to work on?

When I graduate I’d absolutely love to work on strictly, I’m a massive fan and it would be a great atmosphere to work in and there’s so much sparkles and glitter!

What’s your advice to anyone thinking of studying costume?

I would totally recommend studying costume you learn some much and get to choose a lot of your own themes and go down any route you want to, and coming here – I would totally recommend!


Keep up to date with the Costume department at CCAD through their Instagram page and click here for more information on the course to study with us in September.

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