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On Thursday 16th November, Platform A Gallery in Middlesbrough are hosting a panel discussion for artists, Panel Scenario 02: The Potential of Pointlessness: painting between play and pragmatism. The speakers will include CCAD Fine Art Programme Leader, Dr Jonathan Chapman, Chair and Independent Curator, Kerry Harker, and artists Paul Stewart, Philip Gatenby and Sarah Cooney; all who are industry renowned artists and curators. The panel are to discuss the Tees Valley collective practice and its progressive development.

The evening will take place from 6pm until 10pm and the discussion is to accompany an exhibition held at Crown St Art Gallery in Darlington by Conversations in Painting: ‘if it fits in the Fiesta you’re in…’ The exhibition showcased new and recent paintings by a collaboration of emerging, established, national and international artists whose work represents a diverse range of interpretive approaches. The artists commissioned are, Sarah Cooney, Deb Covell, Gordon Dalton, Philip Gatenby, Remy Neumann and Alicia Paz.

This event is the second of three evenings, following Panel Scenario 01: Painting: politics, practice and pedagogy held at Crown Street Art Gallery in Darlington where CCAD Fine Art Lecturer Tony Charles sat on the panel. The third Panel Scenario with take place on the 4th December from 6pm – 8pm at The Auxiliary, Stockton-on-Tees. Where the panel will discuss the topic, Painting, Place and Ecology. Again, Kerry Harker will head up the discussion on the panel alongside the Director at The House of Blah Blah, Keren Pearson, Artists and curators, Paul Stewart and Kevin Hunt and Elinor Morgan, Senior Curator at Mima.

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