Collectives on the Rise

By July 21, 2017Latest news

The creative community is very a supportive, loyal and welcoming hub. Since joining this brilliant sector that has very much stood out, especially here at CCAD. Nothing is too much hassle and everyone is down to help each other in any way they can. A collective is a group of artists working together, usually under their own management, towards shared aims and over the past few months I have come across some amazing North East based artist collectives, showcasing incredible work which they have collated together.

This has resonated with a few of our students who have clubbed together and formed their own collectives! Back in June at the Festival of Illustration I met Illustration student Emma Lawton who told me about her new venture, The Feral Mind Collective. Part of this collective is Emma, Hannah Dargue, Jamie Lee Keenan, Kat Sowerby and Ciaron Simpson and they’re looking to rent out a studio space in Hartlepool in the coming months. On their website, they say, “Feral Mind isn’t just a company; it’s a state of mind. We are the snarl in the night, the teeth in the dark – untameable, unnatural, and downright feral. We are about self-expression, about boasting who you really are, and we’re going to help you do the same. Show off your wild side; show the world who you are, because Feral means so much more than clothes.” Check out the work of the gang here!

I also grabbed a chat with 2nd year Illustration student Jack Ogden who is also part of a brand new collective of students called The Ouijects. There’s 11 artists in the ‘alternative’ collective and Jack told me, “we all have similar styles – witchery, spook, creepy and cute”. So watch this space!

With collective’s definitely on the rise and the creative’s community state of mind ever growing, check out the below incredible collectives of the North East!

(Featured image from The Feral Mind Collective)

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