CCAD Illustration creates Short Animated Films

By December 19, 2017Illustration, Latest news

Over the past few weeks, Illustration students have been hard at work producing various animated short films for the Level 5 Innovation in Illustration module.  Working in both 2D and 3D they had to design and create characters contextualised with a backstory and narrative. The students also had to design and create an environment for these characters, which formed a storyline and set for their animations.

A few of the formats students used:

  • Traditional Animation. (2D, Cel, Hand Drawn)
  • 2D Animation. (Vector-Based)
  • 3D Animation. (CGI, Computer Animation)
  • Motion Graphics. (Typography, Animated Logos)
  • Stop Motion. (Claymation, Cut-Outs)

Illustration lecturer, Frances Moffatt told us, “This brief was designed to challenge students to approach their practice in a new way and be innovative in their use of materials and processes.”

This whole process shows the span and variety of each course here at CCAD! Check out a few stills from the animations below and make sure to follow CCAD Illustration on Instagram and find out more about the course here.


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