Alumni, Richy Leeson: Photography Location Advice

Photographer: Richy Leeson | Model: Courtney Rendle @ Tyne Tees Models | MUA: Rebecca Appleton | Hair: Natasha Rodrigues | Shot at CCAD Photography Studio

On Monday 4th December, fashion photographer and super successful alumni Richy Leeson came down to our brand new Hartlepool building and made use of our outstanding new photography facilities. How beautiful is the above image from his shoot?! We wanted to catch up with Richy about his favourite photography locations in the North East when he’s not shooting in a studio!

We know you’ve spent lots of time working and living in London and now you’re based in the North West, but when you’re back on home turf, what’s your all time favourite locations in the North East?

“My favourite location in the North East has to be South Gare, i’ve shot album covers down here, fitness shoots, fashion shoots. The area has so much versatility and a unique point of interest which makes it incredibly popular with international fashion brands, and artists for music videos. (See the 1975 who shot Settle Down here in Redcar)”

How many familiar shots can you spot in the video?

“If i was to pick another area that i’d like to revisit and shoot in it would be St Mary’s lighthouse in tynemouth, i was lucky enough to shoot around it at low and high tide, and also in the lighthouse. I created this a few years ago so would love to recreate with everything i’ve picked up in the past few years.”

“I’d also have to mention Wynyard Hall, i shot a wonderful fashion campaign in here and the contrast of classical settings mixed with fresh modern styling created a great aesthetic.”

When deciding on a location, what do you recommends to look for/consider?

1. Is there a base area for the team, if not, what vehicle/truck will we use as a base camp?
2. Permissions, is it legal, what are the constraints?
3. Weather forecast
4. Does the location suit the theme in mind, the theme should always lead the location, unless you find a fantastic location you can build around.
5. A unique point of interest, our brain always responds to unfamiliar places and sights, it’s why we travel the world! And this is no different in photography.

Check out some more of Richy’s shots from Monday on his instagram!


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