Advice for New Students

By August 10, 2018Latest news, SU

We may be jumping the gun a little bit here, your holidays are not over yet, however we wanted to make sure that our new students are fully prepped to join our college in September!

First things first, we have a brand spanking new building which you may have seen if you’ve popped over to our open days, but if not, take the time to have a look round on your first day. Cool hey?!

Below we’ve put together a list of points to help you throughout your first year!

  1. First Year COUNTS!

One of the myths floating around many students across many universities and courses is that, “first year doesn’t count”. It very much counts! Every course is different, but in order to graduate with that 1st or 2:1 you so desperately want, don’t slack off in first year. Get stuck in with the projects and work hard and it will set you off with the best work ethic and record possible.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Leave any inhibitions at the door when you arrive. Studying for a degree is hard work and asking for help and taking the advice you’re given is the recipe for success! Your tutors are experts in their field and mark your work. Take the time to show them your ideas, thoughts and struggles and they will guide you along the way.

  1. Utilise the Facilities

As you will see when you arrive, our campus is pretty spectacular, equipped with everything you might need for any project! One thing that stood out from the feedback from last year’s student is that everyone’s willing to help you, if you need to use some equipment from another course, go see the course staff and they’ll be happy to help you. Also, make sure to take the time to check out the library on site and also the amazing new studios.

  1. Explore Your Surroundings

Whilst you’re a student here and living either in halls or nearby in student accommodation, check out some of the hotspots of Hartlepool and the North East. There’s so much inspiration from beautiful surrounding locations starting with Hartlepool Headland! Check out our recent post giving you the rundown of places in the North East which are great locations for shoots >>>Where to Photograph Next

  1. Keeping the Balance

Binge drinking and hard-core partying is widely broadcast as typical student behaviour, but in reality you don’t have to entertain that. Go out and enjoy yourself but balancing social life, college work and family is a big task and letting one outweigh the others aka clubbing every single night, maybe isn’t the greatest of ideas! This new found freedom is exciting, but don’t let it run away with you.

  1. Get a Watch!

Now I remember at school when I arrived late to class once the teacher would say, “if this was a university, the door would be closed if you arrive late” and that stuck with me! Get to classes early, get the best seat and don’t be that person who slinks in late. Gaining a good trust and rapport with your tutor by valuing their time and always being prompt will show them your mature and capable.

  1. Check Our Social Media Channels

Keep updated with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest info and advice on the run up to your arrival and also throughout the year. We post upcoming events, exhibitions and student advice and experience too! Look out for our student videos on our Facebook and YouTube for an insight into each course featuring current students and graduates.

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